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For many years, glass artists used Paradise Paints for this purpose. The company has closed, but I checked their website They are referring artists to Sunshine Colors: CONTACT LINDA AT FERRO FOR SUNSHINE COLORS: 1-800-245-4951 ext.5603 I called Linda and she gave me another number: Lori Groose (Deco? paints) 1-216-750-7425. Linda says if she cannot help you, she will forward you to someone who will. The web address has changed for Ferro: This one may be worth investigating. The Warm Glass website lists a variety of sources for glass paints -- most will not survive the heat of molten glass (Pebeo, for example). You may wish to investigate the sites listed: [[I listed these to help you eliminate brands from your search - sorry if this is familiar to you]] Kaiser makes enamels for fusing glass - apparently they do not withstand higher temperatures: I believe Glassline paints are for fusing as well - you can check with the suppliers to be sure - here are two; search the internet for additional references: tegories Reusche Paints are for stained glass - they fire at a much lower temperature. A Warm Glass FAQ page explains enamels and glass paints -- they're not what you want! Try contacting one of the message boards to find glass paints for furnace glassblowing: Brad Shute Mike Firth 40 You may wish to contact the Glass Art Society as well: Glass Art Society 6512 23rd Ave NW, Suite 329 Seattle Washington 98117 USA Phone: (206) 382-1305 This society could provide some clues about glass paints: Society of Glass and Ceramic Decorators You have to register to use the website. You can also contact them by email or phone directly: General Information: Myra Warne, ; phone: 740-588-9882 • Fax: 740-588-0245