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Please see on the Museum website for answers to your questions. ( Click on Research, Teach & Learn and choose the Resource on Glass. It will describe the melting temperatures of various types of glass. As to what type of sand, that seems to vary based on what type of glass is being manufactured. According to the Schott Guide to Glass, most sand is not of a purity needed for the production of glass since it often contains oxides which color the glass. Plate glass cannot be made from sand with even 0.1% of iron oxide. Quartz sand is used for optical glass and the iron oxide content must be less than .001%. Sodium oxide is usually added to lower the melting temperature of sand (over 1700C). More about melting temperatures is on the Resource on Glass. I'd be happy to copy the relevant pages of the Schott Guide and mail them to you, if you'd like. Please send me your address if so.


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