Answered By: Regan Brumagen
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The safety of walking on glass depends on a number of factors, including:

  • how well the glass was prepared and by whom,
  • how it is supported,
  • its previous history,
  • whether or not it has any surface flaws or other imperfections,
  • who would be doing the walking,
  • under what circumstances the person or people would be walking on the glass. 

This is really an engineering safety and architectural question.  We see glass floors and stairways frequently these days, but you should always consult some reputable glass engineering firm or architects with relevant experience regarding the safety of glass flooring.

Some relevant sources on the topic include:

Rice, Peter and Hugh Dutton. Structural Glass.  London: E & FN Spon.  Pages 111-112.

“GANA Guide to Architectural Glass (2010)

The Guide to Architectural Glass is the new version of the previous Specifiers Guide to Glass by the GANA Flat Glass Manufacturing Division.  The Guide offers an overview of architectural glass, illustrating many of the uses and properties of modern float glass.”

"GANA Glazing Manual
The GANA Glazing Manual is recognized as the definitive source in the glass and glazing field. This manual includes complete information about primary and fabricated glass products, quality standards, design considerations, general and specific glazing guidelines and glazing in hazardous locations. Formerly published by the Flat Glass Marketing Association (FGMA), this manual is frequently referred to as the 'industry bible.'"

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