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I am sending the addresses for several websites that may help you.

British Glass -
This site gives basic information about "what is glass," defines different types of glass, and how they are made. They have a section on the history of glass.

Glass Association of North America -
The GANA "Technical Information" section provides a great deal of material describing how flat (window) glass is made. They even provide videos showing manufacturing processes.

London Crown Glass Co. -
Gives an overview of traditional window making techniques. You can compare them with modern techniques on the GANA site.

Corning Inc. -

has a "technology exploration" section where they discuss their innovative projects. Their website also provides a history section.

For information about the earliest glassmaking, try these sites:

Mark Taylor and David Hill “Roman Glassblowers” – Reproductions of Roman glass; incl. information about history and techniques

Reflections on the Roman World
by Stuart Fleming [Exhibition Curator]

Wondrous Glass - World of Rome 50 BC-AD 650
- Kelsey Museum, University of Michigan