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 I'll try to direct you to some resources about Reticello and you can follow up. 

collect information pertaining to the focus of the class ? Reticello, a Venetian glass blowing technique. Could you direct me to information/images regarding the historical development and refinement of the technique, as well as it's contemporary applications? 

I'll start with some websites: 

Glossary from The Guild: 
"Reticello: (glass) The Italian name for crisscrossed glass canework. Glass canes are heated, twisted in one direction, and blown into the form of a cup. The cup is set into an oven. Then, a second cup is made in the same fashion, however the glass cane is twisted in the opposite direction. The second cup is blown into the inside of the first cup. As the two cups come together, the grooves between the cane rods are sealed, causing air bubbles to lock into the crisscrossed pattern. The connected cups are then blown and formed into the final shape." 

Claire & Anthony's work: 

CMoG Glass Glossary: 
"Vetro a reticello (Italian, glass with a small network") 
A type of blown glass made with canes laid in a crisscross pattern to form a fine net, which may contain tiny air traps." Glass Resources 

Lacemaking traditions: 
[Lino T's mother was a lace maker]
3DNBurano island 

Brief history: 

Illustrations of Venetian historical pieces: 

Context (20th c. Italian glass): 

Some contemporary artists using the technique: 

Kenny Pieper: 

Dante Marioni:

Flo Perkins: in the Ranamok Glass Prize 

contemporary Italian glass 
D’Este Murano glass factory 


I've made a few copies to send to you. I added a couple bibliographies. Interlibrary Loan is available, please ask your local librarian to place requests



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