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                  Thank you for the question! The California Perfume Company introduced its Avon product line in 1928. While searching the web for Avon Swirl Glass I find what is called the Pitkin Hat Candle originating in 1981, and described as a Blue Swirled Glass Candle that came in a green box. I have found this Pitkin swirl Glass hat in Bud Hastins 18th edition Avon collectors encyclopedia and can confirm that it was an Avon product.


There are also results on the web for " Avon Swirl Glass" for the Victoriana line which included a pitcher and bowl, a powder and sachet in 2 frag in 1972-- these items would be from 1971-1972 or from 1978. Avon does not specify these items as "swirl glass" but "marbleized glass" although the colors do swirl in terms of the shading. Also in 1978 the Victoriana pitcher and bowl were limited edition embossed 1978 that came with a bubble bath and the 1978 soap and dish had a special occasion scented soap. Most of the online pictures for Victoriana glass set seem to be of the Pitcher and Bowl either a jade color or blue--this is not referred to by Avon as swirl glass as far as I can see but Victoriana or maybe marbleized Victoriana in some cases.


Both the Pitkin Hat candle and the Victoriana set were made by Avon which began as the California Perfume company although the company began in New York and its headquarters stayed in New York as manufacturing plants arose all over the U.S and other areas of the world.

As for any further information such as a specific artist on the making of the Avon swirl glass you may desire to contact an Avon archives.


The Hagely Library has an Avon archive here below is a link to a page from a 1984 Avon catalog with what looks like the Pitkin Hat.


Here below is the Haley Library Avon archives main page



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