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I am attaching a few bibliographies for you to peruse. If you take the lists to your local library, they will help you find any titles they have. The "glass dress" bibliography should be quite helpful to you. If you do a Google image search for glass dress, you will find lots of results. There is also LibAnswer specifically on glass textiles and Princess Eulalia's glass dress, as well as a blog post on curious uses for glass that includes a glass wig. If you find a specific piece that you would like to know more about, our staff would be able to help you with that.

A 2008 exhibition called Narratives which features a glass 'fur coat' and miniature glass garments. The piece "Fur" was made in 2006 by Minako Shirakura from lampworked glass, metal, plastic & video projection. It was 47 x 18x x18 inches. The other two pieces from the exhibition were made by Carmen Lozar, the "Dress Set" in 2008 with flameworked glass and metal and "Perch" in 2007 from kiln-cast and flameworked glass. Artist Karen LaMonte is also known for her glass dress sculptures, Diana Dias-Leao makes wearable dresses out of ceramic and glass, and Carmen Simmonds is using glass as a medium while examining women's dress.