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Thank you for your inquiry. The topic of ephemeral glass art is quite large, perhaps we can narrow down the subject to better find what you are looking for. Are you talking about ephemeral items being incorporated into glass work? Are you trying to find artists who deal with the concept of a short time? Are you looking for exhibits which are ephemeral? Basically, is the "ephemerality" you mention something that you want to be an intrinsic or extrinsic connection to the work? Do you have any examples of artists you would like to find more information on or who embody the type of artist you are trying to find?

I did a search and was able to come up with some examples for you to go through and perhaps one of them will meet the criteria you have in mind. 1. Susan Liebold - a German glass artist who has made glass art and exhibited it outdoors.

2. Etsuko Ichikawa - a Japanese artist who in 2011 had an exhibit called "NACHI - between the eternal and the ephemeral, University of Wyoming Art Museum, curated by Susan Moldenhauer, Laramie, WY"

3. Ayako Hattori - a Japanese artist who deals with ephermal ideas in glass beads

4. Hans Godo Frabel - a German artist, continually inspired by nature who creates pieces that mirror living things and incorporates natural settings

5. Donald Lipsky - an American artist who reuses materials to create art. He has done glass art though that is not his main focus. His piece can be seen here: His website:

I hope you will find something of interest in the artists I mentioned above. If you would like further information or have answers to the questions I asked above that may lead us in a different direction, please let me know. I am also attaching a bibliography on inclusions. It will have books about including non-glass items in the glass making process. Please let me know if you have trouble opening it. Also if you would like more information on anything I mentioned or have further questions, please let me know. Attachment(s) included: Inclusions.doc

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