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Thank you for your inquiry. I was able to find information on the production of mirrored glass in our library. Though I didn't see anything particularly dealing with borosilicate glass, the process seems to be the same regardless of the type of glass involved. I am attaching a bibliography on silvering which has additional sources depending on the depth of information you are seeking on mirror making. I recommend the book "The Mirror : A History" by Sabine Melchior-Bonnet if you would like a full history of the mirror. To explain the process of mirror making,  They should give you a general overview of the process and further go into exact techniques that were used at the time. The basic idea is that the glass is formed into the desired shape, cleaned and then a chemical solution is evenly distributed over the glass to give it the mirror look. Please read the attachments for more detail, I think the encyclopedia one should be most helpful, especially in the silvering section. Also, The Glass Association of North America provides information about mirroring with a separate mirror division..Also the Encyclopedia of Working with Glass might have helpful information.  I hope you find these materials helpful. If you have any further questions or any trouble opening the attachments, please let me know. 

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