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Our library has extensive materials relating to the glass armonica. I attached several bibliographies. You may wish to browse the library collections using the "Rakow Library Catalog" and "Article Index" databases at for additional materials.

We also have information about the glass armonica/harmonica built by Dominick Labino (20th c. glass artist) in his archives. I encourage you to come to The Rakow Research Library of the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, NY to do your research. We are a 5 hour drive north west of New York City. You can take the bus from NY to Corning. Or, there is one plane flight per day that comes into the Elmira/Corning airport (ELM). From there you can get a shuttle or taxi to the museum. We encourage you to call ahead to let us know when you plan to arrive/visit and your area of interest. While an appointment is not required, it will help us to be better prepared to meet your research needs and to have preliminary materials ready upon your arrival.

You may use Interlibrary Loan for long-distance research. If you wish to obtain copies of library items, please contact your local library. The Rakow Research Library is a member of the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC). Your library can contact us through OCLC or they may send an Interlibrary Loan form to us through e-mail, mail or fax. You may request up to 10 items at a time. We send photocopies of articles and will also loan books if a second copy is available in the library collection. Books are loaned for four week periods. Contact for further information. Unfortunately, many of the items in our archives and special collections can not be loaned. This note gives basic information about our collection. I am happy to continue to work with you as you have additional questions. Attachment(s) included: Glass Music keyword +.doc, Glass Music - update.doc, Glass musical instr armonica harmonics, general.doc, Glass Musical instr - Harmonica articles.doc Additional bibliographies -- some may duplicate previous lists Attachment(s) included: Glass Musical Instr videos cds.doc, Glass musical instr other.doc, Glass Music - physics of.doc, Glass musical instr Baschet.doc 

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