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Unfortunately, our resources for finding information about glass factory workers are limited. At this time, the Library's archives include few glass company employee records. Factory workers can be difficult to trace because they are recorded infrequently in published literature. Our collections do not include personnel records for Corning Glass Works or Corning Incorporated. For Corning area resources, we encourage you to contact the Southeast Steuben County Library to gain a greater understanding of genealogical resources that are available for the Corning area: (607) 936-3713. If you are interested in early archives for the Corning Glass Works (excluding employee records), you might also want to contact the Corning, Inc. archives. They do not have employee records at all, but if you were to ask about working conditions or other, more general, information, they may be able to help you. Contact [email omitted here]. There is a recent set of books on Corning Glass Works history, which you may have seen, but for company history, they are good places to begin. The authors did much of their research at Corning, Inc. archives. I am attaching a bibliography of resources on Corning, Inc. history which includes these 2 publications. 

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