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You may wish to look at several references I've found relating to your flask. You can order these through your local library's interlibrary loan dept. I'd also be glad to copy a couple of relevant pages and mail them to you, if you care to send me your mailing address.

American Bottles and Flasks and their ancestry by Helen McKearin mentions a flask similar to the one you describe, with the Albany Glass Works name. McKearin describes several versions of these flasks, including 20th century reproductions and provides drawings and photographs.

Albany Institute of History and Art 200 Years of Collecting. This publication has color photographs of similar flasks and a brief history of the company.

Albany Glass Works appears to have operated between 1847-1852 in Albany New York. There is reference in several publications to an Albany Glass Works or Glasshouse that began in the 18th century just down the road in Guilderland but according to the Albany Institute publication, it did not produce flasks.

Our Museum owns one of the 1930 reproductions of an Albany Glass Works flask but it is not currently on display. The McKearin book does label these flasks as scarce and not much is known, really, about the Glass Works itself.

If you'd like more help identifying your object, you can contact our curatorial department through their online form (


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  1. I have a albany glass works bottle.With washinton on one side a a boat on the other.Its green and round.Can you help me out.Thanks
    by Jamie on Oct 25, 2012.
  2. I have a 6 inch bottle Light green along with a Cork
    Can you tell me more about it
    by Keith on Nov 02, 2013.
  3. Jamie and Keith,

    Please submit your photos and questions to the ask a glass object form found at page below (please copy and paste):
    by Paul Chasse on May 08, 2017.
  4. I have a 6" golen flask with Washington on one side and a sail boat on other with Albany NY.? Value? Or want to purchase call me.937 245 2262
    by Brad Crackel on May 27, 2017.
  5. Brad,
    Please check out the Corning Museum of Glass "Glass Questions" page at This explains what museum curatorial staff can and cannot do and also what they need from people in order to best respond.
    by Rakow Research Library Public Services Team on Oct 10, 2017.