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 "The Mason Jar Centennial 1858-1958" published by the Glass Container Institute in 1958 states that John L. Mason holds the patent on glass containers with threaded tops. The US patent number for the threaded jar is 22186. 

"As New York celebrated the successful laying of the Atlantic Cable in the summer of 1858 with parades from the Battery to Crystal Palace, Mason pondered his problem in a rented room at 154 West 19th Street. The first challenge he would overcome was how to make threads at the top of the jar. The threads would allow a metal cap to be screwed down, forming an airtight seal." 

"In the middle of November, 1958, Mason took out his first patent for a mold which could turn out a glass jar with a threaded top. On November 30th, 1959---a date which was to become a landmark--Mason took out his patent for the "Improved Jar." 


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