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Hugh Tait describes evidence of these glass-forming techniques found in ancient Syria, Palestine and Egypt in "Five Thousand Years of Glass." Boyce Lundstrom, in "Kiln Firing Glass," asserts that ancient Romans utilized the methods as well. Keith Cummings provides historical and technical background in "A history of glassforming," "The technique of glass forming," and "Techniques of kiln-formed glass". All of these books may be available through an Interlibrary Loan system in your area.

The Corning Museum of Glass provides online access to a number of videos that illustrate fusing and slumping. One about fusing and slumping can be found here:

Lastly, the website may provide additional information. It is designed and implemented by Brad Walker, the author of Contemporary Fused Glass, who runs a studio located in Clemmons, North Carolina, and makes himself available to answer questions.


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