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Approaches to this rather broad topic are varied. Different standards and a combination of judging methods may be applied to glass art works, depending on the situation or judging event, in the case of a contest. Generally speaking, aesthetics and overall appreciation, materials used, technical quality or skill, production methods, and the correct application of a theme or topic are all important considerations in making assessments. Further considerations might be size, whether or not the work is a new, exclusive or unique design, the level of expertise of the artist (student, early-career, seasoned professional), and the public or community reaction to the work. 

For further information, we recommend that you make use of the resources and expertise of The Glass Art Society, which holds an annual conference, publishes the Glass Art Society Journal, as well as online versions of the Glass Art Society Directory & Resource Guide and the bi-monthly GASnews. They can be contacted as follows: 

Glass Art Society 
6512 23rd Ave NW, Suite 329 
Seattle Washington 98117 USA 
Phone: (206) 382-1305 
Fax: (206) 382-2630 

Another fruitful area of exploration would be to consult reference books and other sources that discuss the work of artists in glass. Please see attached bibliography.

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