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Sara Little (Turnbull) is the name that your contact was seeking. According to a retired designer for Corning Inc., (formerly Corning Glass Works), Ms. Little was a consultant for Corning. He recollects her decorative designs for consumer products such as Pyrex and for Centura, and that the handles for Corningware were first designed by a toolmaker in Elmira, NY, a nearby city. According to information on the Internet, she was a design consultant for several firms. You might wish to contact Corning Archives again, now that we have a name. They may subsequently be able to find more details as to other ware she may have designed. The woman who is most reknown in Corning for her leadership in design was Lucy Maltby, who headed the home economics dept. for 40 years, providing important direction and leadership in the production of consumer products for the company.


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