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I'm attaching a bibliography on the history of the Studio Glass movement that I hope will be useful to you. Checking the bibliographies of these resources should also result in further materials on the subject. You can also search our online Article Index and library catalog for other titles. I would try searching on specific glass artists, such as Dale Chihuly and Richard Marquis, as well as doing broad searches on studio glass history.

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  1. The two most important people in bringing Venetian glass techniques to America were Benjamin Moore and Lino Tagliapietra. Mr. Moore went to Murano as a Fulbright scholar and worked in the Venini factory. He developed the crucial relationships with Muranese masters. In 1978 he invited Checco Ongaro to teach at the Pilchuck Glass School in Washington state. Checco in turn recommended his brother-in-law Lino Tagliapietra who became the primary teacher of Venetian glass to the Americans and later to young glassblowers around the world. Lino was followed by other masters such as Pino Signoretto, Loredano Rosin, Elio Quarisa, etc. who all contributed greatly to
    The education of the young Americans. Mr. Moore spoke Italian, and had the skills that earned him the respect and friendship of the masters. His nurturing of those early relationships was crucial to developing the connections between Murano and America. Dale Chihuly and Richard Marquis were also was very important in promoting those relationships and promoting the Venetian style in America.
    by Walter Lieberman on Feb 17, 2015.

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