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We don't have access in our library to quote books. However, Bartlett's Quotations is a great resource for quotes online, as well as  BrainyQuotes and Goodreads. The book The Columbia Granger's Dictionary of Poetry Quotation is a good resource as well.

We do have a fairly hefty file of anecdotes and literary allusions relating to glass in our vertical file. I pulled out a few that seemed more metaphorical to me:

  • Photius. (quoted in Trowbridge*, p. 169). "For he poured pure water into the glass cup and saw in the water in the cup a picture of future things and from that vision predicted what all the future would be..." See Trowbridge, M.L. 1928. Philological Studies in Ancient Glass for quotes on ancient glass.
  • John Donne. from "A Valediction forbidding Mourning": "Tis much that Glasse should bee/As all confessing, and though-shine as I,/Tis more, that it shewes thee to thee,/And cleare refects thee to thine eye."
  • Koran. XXIV. Verse 35. God is the Light of the Heavens and Earth/The parable of His light is as if there were a Niche/And within it a Lamp/ The Lamp enclosed in Glass and the glass is as it were a brightly shining star."
  • Samuel Johnson. 1750. "Who, when he saw the first sand and ashes, by a casual intenseness of heat, melted into a metallic form, rugged with excrescences and crowded with impurities, who would have imagined that in this shapeless lump lay concealed so many conveniences of life, as would in time constitute a great part of the happiness of the world?"
  • "Abu Mansur Muhammed ben Ahmad ad-Daqiqi of Tus, a poet writing in the second half of the tenth century compares a glass vessel to ice and water in point of clarity and Brightness." noted in Edward Granville Browne. A Literary History of Persia. Cambridge: Cambridge UP 1908. reprinted 1969-1978 v. 1 p. 462

See Frederick Turner's poem "Glass" in April wind and Other Poems. University Press of Virginia, 1992. Last stanza reads:

"Yet glass deceives the eye, by seeming absent
when it stands obstructing other energies
than light, as common matters do..."

From "The Magnifying Glass" by Walter de la Mare:

"Not even the tiniest thing
But this my glass
Will make more marvellous,
And itself surpass."

See "Glass is Spirit" by Gerhard Hauptmann (1862-1946)

"...alone it is nothing or air:
a shape of air, a shape of nothing
an empty shining child of light."

Unfortunately, we don't have any quotation books just relating to more general quotation sources like Bartlett's or Grangers may be the best choice. A general history of glass, too, might have references to people talking about glass. I have attached a general bibliography of glass history titles.

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