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I'm attaching a printout of materials in our catalog on related items. We also have a few things in our Vertical File that I'd be happy to copy for you, if you will send me your address.

In addition, in searching the web, I found contemporary makers of glass knitting needles and an interview with the director of the Museum of Witchcraft in Cornwall which refers to the use of glass knitting needles and black wool in casting spells. Apparently, there was an article about this in an American knitting magazine, but not having any of those here, I wasn't able to verify. The needles mentioned in the article can be viewed at the Museum of Witchcraft's website, along with some additional information. 

Corning Glass Works made glass thimbles during WWII in the general effort to supply glass goods for items typically made with metal. You may want to contact the Corning archives for more information, if you are interested in pursuing that further. The number for the Corning incorporated archives is 607.974.8457.

You are just interested in the tools, is that correct? Because there is quite a bit on glass fibers and glass textiles. I included at least one article relating to this in the attachment, but I didn't include the others I saw, since I wasn't sure it was of interest to you.  You can search our online catalog and article index to to see a list of these.

This is a quick list and I will continue to look for other materials and e-mail you if I find any of interest. Please send me your address if you'd like copies of the items in the vertical file. Thanks,

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