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Thank you for contacting the Rakow Research Library. I found a reference which states that glass fibers were made for the first time "on an industrial scale" in Hamburg, Germany around 1914(Barker, 1977, p.376). 
A second reference cites 1936 as the date for the developement of a spinnable glassfiber "the dawn of the Schuller textile glass fiber" [also Germany](Schuller 1996, p.64). 
Not omitting Corning Glass Work's contribution, it is written that Corning had been pursuing the idea of fiberglass since soon after WWI(Graham and Shuldiner ,2001, p.150). 
There also do not appear to be any earlier -"non-industrial uses." 
"What kind of material does it come from?" Fiber glass is made from a boric oxide glass (Persson ,1983, p.98). 

Barker, T.C. (1997) The Glass Makers:Pilkington: The Rise of the International company 1826-1976 . London.Weidenfeld and Nicolson. 

Schuller J. (1996) From Handcrafted Glass to High Tech Fiber.Wertheim, Germany. Schuller GmbH. 

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Persson, H.R.(1983) Glass Technology Manufacturing and Properties, 
Seoul, Korea, Cheong Moon Gak Publishing Company. 

Please feel free to contact us if you need more information. 


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