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We don't have much on Chemex in our library, but the Chemex website indicates that currently you can purchase handblown or machine-made coffee pots. The hand-blown coffee pots replicate the originals produced in the 1940s and collected by several museums as examples of great designs of the 20th century. The handblown coffee pots, according to the website, are made in Germany, while the machine produced glass pots are made in the U.S.A. by International Housewares (based in Pittsfield, Ma). (

The first Chemex coffee pot was invented and patented by Peter Schlumbohm in 1942. If you need more information about where the coffeemakers are produced you could e-mail the company. The e-mail address is listed on the website.

The only other information I found in our collection are the patent numbers from the various design patents Schlubohm filed over the years. You can see the original design drawings and technical specifications by doing a patent number search at the US Patent and Trade website ( The numbers are:


Hope this helps!

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