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Regarding your question on the glassmaking family of Muller-Litz, I am attaching a bibliography on glassmaking in Lauscha and
Thuringia which may be of interest to you in your research on this family. I did not find that we had any pieces in the Museum by any member of the Muller-Litz family and I did double-check with the curator for European glass and the Museum's registrar just to be more certain. Of course, it is certainly possible that one of the many pieces for which we don't have attribution originated from these glassmakers----nearly impossible to know.

Thomas Muller-Litz' father, Horst Muller-Litz, is featured in one of our books on glass from the Thuringen region, although just a few facts are provided on him, plus his picture and one picture of a vase he created. I'd be happy to copy this and send it to you, should you wish. He may well be listed in one of the other books on the bibliography. You are certainly welcome to request any of the items on the bibliography for loan through your local library's interlibrary loan dept.

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