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I have found very little to add to what you already know about Duval and Co. I have mostly seen the same 1813 founding date, but I have also seen 1812 & 1815 listed as date of founding.

We have a few things on Duval in our collection. A glass researcher, J.Stanley Brothers, mentioned them several times in his research. I'd be happy to photocopy those pages and mail them to you. One reference is from a U.S. Census from 1880, referencing an earlier Census of 1820. The quote provides dollar values of raw materials and number of employees. Another is from a publication called Early Western Travels 1748-1846 and just provides a brief description of a glass house that is purported to be Duval's. The final reference is from American Pottery and Glassware Reporter, Oct. 9, 1879. and is a capsule history of Wellsburg glassmaking, again only mentioning the early Duval glasshouse.

There is a brief mention of Duval in Dorothy Daniel's book, Cut and Engraved Glass. A photograph of a decanter appears with a caption that says "perhaps by Isaac Duval (Smithsonian)", so it is probably the same one you have seen?

We have a photocopy of the manuscript version of chapters about the Duval glasshouse from a book, History of Brooke County by Nancy Caldwell that she sent our Museum director in 1971 for review. I'm sure the book is available through interlibrary loan if you haven't yet seen it.

We also have several slides in our collection of items owned by the Oglebay Institute. These items are attributed to Isaac Duval. I have made a photocopy of the slides, if you'd like me to send that. You might also want to contact the Institute, if you haven't done so. Their website address is:

As to our Museum collection, I cannot find that we have a Duval piece. However, I need to refer you to our curator for American glass, who would be able to answer that question definitively and might also have other ideas for you. Her name is Jane Spillman and her e-mail address is She is incredibly knowledgeable about American glass history, so she would be an excellent resource for you.

Please let me know if you want me to send the photocopies I mentioned above. There is no charge for that. And I encourage you to contact Jane Spillman for additional information and to confirm that our Museum does not hold any Duval pieces.

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