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I have found a stained glass maker named Swaine Bourne who founded a firm of that same name in Birmingham, so it sounds like that might be your artist. His son, Kendrick Swaine, continued with the firm and was a fellow of the British Society of Master Glass Painters. I have an obituary for him that gives information about the firm and family, if you would like me to send a copy.

There is a website that shows a window executed by Swaine Bourne and provides an image of his signature. You might compare it to your own to see if it matches...

Since the son was a fellow of the British Society of Master Glass Painters, you might also contact them to see if they have more information for you:

Other websites I've found that mention Swaine Bourne or the firm or family:

I didn't find anything in our books on stained glass in England, so it might be a small firm, but British libraries may have more. In fact, the Victoria and Albert Museum list a catalogue of Swaine, Bourne and Son published in 1925 (see the online catalog They may be willing to copy it for you if you contact them (it is only 8 pages).

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