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If your question is how did the company Corning Glass Works (now Corning, Inc.) end up in New York State, I am going to give you a brief timeline, which traces the company's involvement in the glass industry: 

Although the firm now called Corning Inc. does not go back to 1851, the family who has headed the firm for most of its existence began in the glass business in 1851, and therefore the firm considers 1851 as its starting date. 

1851: Amory Houghton became involved with a firm called Bay State Glass Works, in Somerville, MA. 
1854: Houghton purchases Union Glass Works, also in Somerville. 
1864: Houghton takes over Brooklyn Flint Glass Works 
1868: Houghton moves the Brooklyn Flint Glass Works to Corning, NY 
1868: firm becomes Corning Flint Glass Works 
1875: firm changes its name to Corning Glass Works 
1989: firm changes its name to Corning Incorporated to reflect the diverse nature of its businesses which extend beyond glass 

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