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I'm sending a list of materials on the 200" disk in this e-mail and I've "starred" the ones that I know to have images of the pouring of the disk, but I didn't look through the many resources listed and so probably many of them have images of this process.

We also have the McCauley archives here (the Corning scientist who oversaw the creation of the final disk and its prototypes), as well as the Hostetter archives, both of which contain photographs of the creation of the disk. I would be happy to send you photocopies of some of these images, if you are interested. You would need to then contact our Rights & Reproductions Manager at the Museum to arrange for copies, but first you may want to determine if they are useful to you. We have several notebooks full of photos from McCauley's archive, but I can certainly photocopy those that show the pouring specifically.

The Corning, Inc. archives has its own collection of photographs of this event. You might want to contact the archivist there, Michelle Cotton, to see what they might have. Her e-mail address is

Here is the list of resources on the Palomar telescope. Most of these would be easily obtainable through your local library's interlibrary loan department for your perusal, although some of the publishers may not be in business anymore and therefore not so easy to contact were you to want to re-publish photos!

We did an exhibit on the creation of this disk several years ago< Mirror to Discovery. You can find descriptions and images from the exhibit on our website: