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I'm not sure how much detail you require regarding this process. It is multi-layered and involves several different patented processes and technologies. Our library does not focus on the technical details of manufacturing processes, but I can give you a description I found in the book, Corning and the Craft of Innovation by Margaret Graham and Alec Shuldiner:

"Glass would flow from two tanks through [inventor Jim Giffen's] platinum orifice, which would shape it into a laminated sheet and pass it to rollers that would introduce it to the Hub Machine. The Hub Machine would stamp out the pieces, which would be trimmed and sent along for fire polishing." (p 342) For more information on the glass formulation that Bill Dumbaugh at Corning worked out, see his article, "Laminated Glass" in Engineered Materials Handbook vol. 4 Ceramics and Glasses (1992).

There are several patents that I found relating to this process. You can see the full text of these at the USPTO website ( This is the number search page. Enter the number and then click on "images" to see the drawings and description. I'm sure other patents exist as well...this is just what I found in taking a quick look at Ceramics Abstracts for 1970-1971. You might look in earlier and subsequent years of this publication for a more thorough examination.

3,231,356 (Hub Machine patent)

You might try contacting Corning, Inc. archives to see if they can give you other patent numbers relating to this process. The archivist's e-mail address

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