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It appears that Frederick Carder's "The Archer" is in the Welles collection (owned by Carder's descendents)-- at least that is the last record I can find of its existence, and our curator for American Glass is sure the family still owns this piece. There is a plaster version as well that was on loan to the Rockwell Museum here in Corning for a while but has since been returned to its private collection.

The bronze, which won Carder a gold medal from the Schools of Science and Art in a national competition, was most likely created from a mold based on the plaster version.

As for the date, as you must realize from your (?), the 1897 date is indeed a puzzle. The two major authors we have on Carder's work, Dimitroff and Gardner, have between them 3 different dates for the creation of the sculpture....from 1890 to 1891 to 1897.

Carder's Archer is in bronze, not glass. There is a good picture of it in the 1985 exhibition catalog, Frederick Carder: Portrait of a Glassmaker.

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