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Here are a few articles we have about the 1959 exhibition, plus a list of the places & date:

Touring dates: Corning Museum of Glass June 1-Sept. 15, 1959

Metropolitan Museum of Art Nov. 1, 1959-Jan. 1, 1960

Toledo Museum of Art Feb. 1-28, 1960

Art Institute of Chicago April 1-30, 1960

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Sept. 23-Oct. 23, 1960

"Exhibition to feature finest of today's glasses." China Glass & Tablewares, April 1959 p. 12-13.

"Glass 1959." Glaswelt, v. 3, no. 9, Aug. 1959, p. 11.

 "Glass 1959 : Traveling Exhibition." Interiors, v. 119, Dec. 1959, p. 18+. O’Connor, Lois.

“Elegance of World’s Glass in Corning Display.” Ithaca Journal, June 16, 1959. (VF, Museum Archives) ---This is a good one for background on the concept of the exhibition.----I'll be happy to photocopy and send it your way, if you are interested.

Perrot, Paul. "New Directions in Glassmaking." Craft Horizons, v. 20, no. 6, Nov.-Dec. 1960, pp. 23-25.???

 Smith, D. "Glass: Critics' Choice Presented by the Corning Museum of Glass." Craft Horizons, v. 19, Sept. 1959, pp. 35-40.

"The World's Most Beautiful Glass." Look, v. 23, no. 25, Dec. 8, 1959, pp. 59-61.

The exhibition catalog which accompanied the exhibit is available full-text on the Museum's website:

 Note the O'Connor article, which I can send you, if you give me your mailing address. Hope this helps.

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