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When we contacted the makers of Corelle with this question, we received the following response :

Please be advised that we have recently learned that abrasive automatic dishwasher detergents can cause damage to Corelleware and cause the dinnerware to become weak. Over time the dinnerware may become rough or chipped along the edges. The finish may wear off and the pattern/color may fade. If items are dropped or bumped/banged damage may occur because the dinnerware is weak. We recommend using less abrasive automatic dishwashing detergents such as Palmolive, Sunlight, or a store brand.

If you have additional questions, please contact the Corelle Customer Care Center directly.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your glass-related questions in the future!







Comments (12)

  1. I have had a set of Correlle ware for 20 years and just recently they have started chipping and edges breaking. I would concur with World Kitchen in that it is the dishwasher detergent. We had used the same brand for years, but recently added Sunshine, to assist in aiding for scratches and such, that is when we noted damage and pieces of the dishes in the bottom of the dishwasher. Sadly we lost a set we loved and figured for our 46th Anniversary to buy a whole new set. I wished I would have known this information a head of time. but who knew.
    by Wanda K. on Jan 28, 2018
  2. Is there any way to remove the rough edge (it appears to be a build up of something rather than rough from chipping)?
    by Sharon on Mar 20, 2018
  3. Same issue here. We have great results with Finish dishwashing tabs, but that seems to be when the problem started. We also got a new dishwasher at about the same time. I haven’t noticed any difference for other dishes except that they are cleaner. We used to use Cascade liquid and didn’t notice the problem with the Corelle.
    by Salmist on Jan 11, 2019
  4. We have had a set of Corelle for 25 yrs and it was durable until the last couple years. That is when we had a repair on our 3 yr old dishwasher. The repairman said our Cascade powder had destroyed some parts, and to switch to Finish tablets & Finish powder booster. All of a sudden the rims of our Corelle plates & bowls (on the bottom rack only) began losing the finish & chipping. The edges are sharp, and have cut my finger. I think it is the detergents we switched to. I just bought a whole new set of Corelle, and am unsure what detergent to use. The Corning sales staff warned against using detergents that contains lemon scent or bleach, but didn’t say if powder, liquid, or tabs are best. Any suggestions?
    by Denise B on May 27, 2019
  5. I’ve been using store brand powder for years with no issues. Our dishwasher is 25 years old. I suspect newer dishwashers may need those high tech detergents and maybe they are damaging the Corelle.
    by Kim on Jun 04, 2020
  6. I have winter white Corelle - my cups have become stained with coffee. How do I remove it. Just scrubbing doesn't seem to help much.
    by Gloria on Jun 23, 2020
  7. We switched to Quantum Finish tabs and all of a sudden the design on our Corelle has faded drasically! Also the designs on our coffee mugs. These detergents are getting too strong! I complained to Finish but they will not do anything to compensate us. What dishwashing detergent should we use on Corelle? I thought it was indestructable!!
    by Margot Watson on Aug 07, 2020
  8. 20 years ago I bought a set of corelle ware bowls. About 2 years later I dropped one on a vinyl floor and it broke into 4 large pieces. Today I dropped another of those bowls onto the same vinyl floor but this bowl shattered into over one hundred tiny pieces (shards). I was shocked by the difference in how bowls from the same set, dropped on the same floor broke entirely differently.
    by Paul on Mar 20, 2021
  9. My new Bosch dishwasher has started to chip and fade my correlle dishes - I've always used Cascade Complete/Platinum pods - the only thing that changed is the dishwasher. It must be the water temperature or drying that's causing this! So disappointed!
    by PM on Aug 12, 2021
  10. Is it ok to eat off the big spaghetti bowls if they have little chips on the bowl part were the enamel is chipped away?
    by Donna on Nov 02, 2021
  11. Donna, The Corning Museum of Glass is unable to provide advice on glass safety or toxicity. Because there are so many variables in glass contents, applications, and use of materials, we cannot account for all possibilities and eventualities. We recommend that you ask the manufacturer of your glass for safety and toxicity information.
    by Rakow Research Library staff on Nov 03, 2021
  12. I think that Microwaving them can affect them. A while back, I was drying a plate, and it made cracking sounds as I put some pressure on it. It's been many years since I used a dishwasher, but I do microwave them, or I did till I heard that one make noise. The dishes are made of 3 sheets of laminated glass. I wonder if over time, heat destroys the glue between the sheets. None of my Corell have the rough edges. I bought them between 7-10 years ago. I have both the thin type and the thicker, stoneware type.
    by John Tighe on Dec 05, 2021

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