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I've checked with our research scientist who believes that Corelle should not get brittle as it ages...that there is not a scientific reason for this to occur. I also contacted World Kitchens (makers of Corelle) and here is the reply I received today:

Thank you for contacting World Kitchen, LLC

Please be advised that we have recently learned that abrasive automatic dishwasher detergents can cause damage to Corelleware and cause the dinnerware to become weak. Over time the dinnerware may become rough or chipped along the edges. The finish may wear off and the pattern/color may fade. If items are dropped or bumped/banged damage may occur because the dinnerware is weak. We recommend using less abrasive automatic dishwashing detergents such as Palmolive, Sunlight, or a store brand.

For further assistance, please contact our Consumer Care Center at 800-999-3436. Representatives are available from 8am to 6pm, EST, Monday through Thursday and 8am to 5pm on Friday, and will be more than happy to assist you.

World Kitchen Consumer Care Center

Finally, I searched a few listservs and found one person who commented that putting Corelle in the freezer can cause it to become brittle, but again, I couldn't find any scientific data to back up that claim.

You might want to follow up with World Kitchens, the makers of Corelle, at the 800 number above.

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  1. I have had a set of Correlle ware for 20 years and just recently they have started chipping and edges breaking. I would concur with World Kitchen in that it is the dishwasher detergent. We had used the same brand for years, but recently added Sunshine, to assist in aiding for scratches and such, that is when we noted damage and pieces of the dishes in the bottom of the dishwasher. Sadly we lost a set we loved and figured for our 46th Anniversary to buy a whole new set. I wished I would have known this information a head of time. but who knew.
    by Wanda K. on Jan 28, 2018.
  2. Is there any way to remove the rough edge (it appears to be a build up of something rather than rough from chipping)?
    by Sharon on Mar 20, 2018.

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