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I've attached a short list of publications on Bente Bonne. Unfortunately, there isn't that much available that I could find. Some of it, too, is in German or Danish.

I'm also attaching a pdf file with scans from 2 English sources:

Who’s Who in Contemporary Glass Art 1993/1994. Munich: Verlag, 1993. p 46.

Ricke, Helmut. New Glass in Europe. Düsseldorf : Verlagsanstalt Handwerk, 1990. pp. 46-47 and 249.

You can request copies of the rest of the publications through your local library's interlibrary loan dept, if you are interested.

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  1. And I have only one comment: Why don't you ask her daugther
    by Anon on Apr 15, 2013.

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