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I have found a reference to "cello-glass", in a publication called The Condor (vol 29.) May-June 1927 regarding construction of an aviary. Here's a quote from the publication:

"Both its eastern and southern walls have windows of 'cello-glass' a material that cuts out none of the ultra-violet rays that normally penetrate the atmosphere. Cello-glass has the added advantage that it does not require an accessory covering of netting. Although, of course, translucent, it is not transparent and not one bird in fifty will fly against it when turned into the aviary for the first time.....Cello-glass is, moreover, practically unbreakable."

I think the problem I had, initially, was that I was searching for cello glass and rickets and once I broadened my search, it was much easier to find.

I'd be glad to send you this article, if you are interested.

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  1. its mesh screen, made from aluminum.
    by Cirrus Frost on Feb 27, 2013.
  2. Thanks, I wasn't sure what material was used. All I can find are advertisements which aren't very specific about the materials used, except that it is coated in a type of celluloid. I'm posting an example.
    by Regan Brumagen on Feb 28, 2013.

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