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Thank you for your inquiry. I am attaching a list showing books and articles that we have here at the Library dealing with Emily Brock. If you are interested in obtaining any of the materials listed, please go to your local library and ask your librarian to request the item through Inter-Library Loan. We are happy to send copies of articles and loan copies of books if we have a second copy. I also searched the internet and a few online databases and found the results listed below.

I hope you find this information helpful. Please let me know if you have any additional questions or trouble opening the attachment.

 > > 1. Miniature architectures from Emily Brock. Authors: Clemons, Daniela Source: Neues Glas; 1990, Issue 1, p34-35, 2p Document Type: Article Abstract: A brief profile of American glass artist Emily Brock, who began her artistic career at a relatively late stage, and whose primary concern has been with the portrayal of miniature interior domestic scenes. The author notes that Brock displays a certain resentment for public meeting spaces. Her precise detail in the recreation of Art Deco and ultra-modern interiors is admired. Subjects: Brock, Emily; Brock, Emily: il(col): Happy hour; Conversation group Artist & Work: Brock, Emily: il(col): Happy hour; Conversation group ISSN: 07232454 Accession Number: 505470673

2. Creating a Narrative from Kilnworked Glass. Authors: Brock, Emily Source: Journal (glass Art Society).; 2004, p109-111, 3p Physical Description: Illustration Document Type: Article Subjects: Kiln-formed glass; Art glass Keywords: Art glass -- Technique Abstract: Part of a special issue on the Glass Art Society 34th Annual Conference—GAS 2004, held in New Orleans. Glass artist Emily Brock discusses her work. Brock highlights everyday life as the source of inspiration for the content in her work, in which she seeks to freeze a certain moment and invite others to share it with her; explains her reasons for keeping her pieces small; discusses the research she carries out on her chosen subject or concept; and describes how she plans and constructs her work, illustrating her process through her work Behind the Curve. ISSN: 02789426 Accession Number: 505052753

3. Emily Brock Author: Keller, Martha. GLASS Magazine 44 (1991): 51. Abstract: Review of a recent exhibition of work by Emily Brock, held at Habatat Gallery, Farmington Hills, Michigan. Subject/artist Brock, Emily [USA. Glass Artist] Publication title: GLASS Magazine Issue: 44 Pages: 51 Number of pages 1 Publication year 1991 ISSN 1064-900X

4. Title: ‘Rock & Roll Palacio’, 1995, glass and mixed media, by Emily Brock Publication title American Craft Volume: 55 Issue: 3 Pages: 8 Number of pages 1 Publication year 1995 ISSN 0194-8008 5. Title 'Autumn', 2002, cast lamp worked and kiln-formed glass, by Emily Brock Publication title: GLASS: the UrbanGlass Art Quarterly Issue : 89 Pages: 16 Number of pages 1 Publication year 2002 ISSN 1064-900X 6. Favourite artworks chosen by young children in a museum setting Author: Danko-McGhee, Katherina Source: International Journal of Education Through Art, Volume 2, Number 3, 27 November 2006 , pp. 223-235(13) I also found a few other citations by searching Google Scholar:

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