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I was able to go through the materials in our library that I thought might have information about the process LaMonte used in casting her glass kimonos. I didn't find anything that spoke directly about the process, but I did find an article that gives some details about the series and the background. I am attaching the article from Antiques and the Arts Weekly. I am also attaching a couple bibliographies that our library has put together on LaMonte. Perhaps you will want to do some further research and these may serve as a helpful starting point for you. If you wish to obtain any of the listed materials, take the citation to your local library and ask the librarian to request the title through Inter-library Loan if they do not have it there. I found a few other resources on the internet that may be of interest to you. A video about forming of the kimono series: . At video time 39:41 she begins talking about her work in that series. There was also an article published in the Albuquerque Journal about the series: If you are interested in contacting LaMonte directly for more information about the process she used, you can see her e-mail and contact information on her website here: Please let me know if you have trouble accessing any of the links or attachments. If you're interested in more general information about the process of making cast glass, we would likely be able to provide something there, but not about LaMonte's specific process. I hope you find this information helpful! Attachment(s) included: LaMonte Karen Artilces.doc, Lamonte, Karen.doc, LaMonte - Kimono.pdf

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