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I have looked at the key books that we have on Carder glass (by Gardner, Dimitroff, and the Rockwell Museum), and all mention the instability of the glass, and the difficulty in making it, and that it fractures easily. The name was selected because the color suggested to Carder the imperial purple fabrics of ancient Tyre. The comment that the Tyrian pigment is "a very old one" is a little confusing - since the glass itself is almost 100 years old, but the pigment is not any older than the glass. It is not possible to give you precise dates of the production of the few Tyrian pieces; the experts give a range of 1916-1921, but these are only estimates. I would be happy to send you some photocopies which will provide you with a bit more information. If you wish to have them, please send me your mailing address.


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