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I suggest you contact the American Scientific Glassblowers Society (ASGS) for information about a career making scientific apparatus.  Their website is: There are regional ASGS groups that have regular meetings -- it is a great way to meet scientific glassblowers in your area, to see their workshops, and learn more about the career.

"Since 1983, the ASGS has been video taping the workshops at each annual symposia. These workshops highlight everything from general operations in the glass shop to unique tricks and techniques of specialized glass operations. These video tapes (all VHS) are available to ASGS members only for free rental. (There are some incidental charges to the member(s) for postage and insurance, more for members outside the USA and Canada.)" Their video library is located here: The association also offers a "Glassblowers Technical Resource" and a journal, Fusion.

Salem Community College offers an associates degree in scientific glass technology: Scientific Glass Technology and the overview of their program.


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