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The firm of Etling, founded by Edmond Laurent Etling, had a retail shop in Paris at 29, rue de Paradis in the 1920s and 1930s.

According to Arwas, the firm sold bronzes, statuettes and ornaments for the home. They also sold ceramics and earthenware, often by the same artists who executed bronzes, including Chiparus.

"Etling also commissioned a wide range of decorative glass, vases and bowls as well as figurines. these were invariably made of moulded glass, often grayish with a frosted surface, and sometimes contrasted with polished reserves or sections of the design. The figures were usually made of a highly polished, richly opalescent glass." p. 101. Arwas goes on to describe Etling's designers. "In the 1970s, a number of figurines of nude or partially draped women which Etling had produced in opalescent glass, were reissued by the Sevres glassworks, but only in frosted glass." p. 103.

Cappa's book shows photographs of several opalescent pressed glasses. One is marked "Etling, no. 155"; another "Etling no. 168." So far, I have not read a source that discusses the numbering system.
Decelle's book also shows photographs of Etling opalescent glass -- the numbered pieces Decelle shows were designed by Mme. Sevin. 





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