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I checked that publication and there is no mention of a convention in Buffalo or that the group the book is about was in existence in 1862. The beginnings of the glass union labor movement are a little fuzzy, however. I am enclosing a timeline of glass associations we know of and when they were formed; I'm sure it is not complete! I'd love to know how you discovered this convention in 1862 and what else you know about it. Maybe that would help me research it further in our collection.

1842 was mentioned in several books (the most recent one being Glass House Boys of Pittsburgh published in 2009) as the date the first flat glass union was formed---as the Glass Blowers' League. I haven't been able to find that they met during the early 1860s. In fact, several books talk about the unions kind of "falling apart" or being in disarray during the Civil War years. Their activities are certainly more thoroughly documented by the late 1860s!

I'd love to help you further with this--so interesting to know about this convention! If you have more information, send it to me at my email address and I will look at some of the glass trade journals, if I can find any for that period (most of our coverage begins in the late 19th century).