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You may find this book particularly useful:

Tooley, Fay V., comp. and ed. Handbook of Glass Manufacture: a book of reference for the plant executive, technologist and engineer. 3rd ed. New York: Ashlee, Books for Industry, 1984. 2 vol.

There are a number of journals/magazines that serve the glass industry, for example, these are periodicals in English, French and German in The Rakow Library:

Glass: monthly journal of the European glass industry
London [etc.] ‚b FMJ International Publications [etc], v. 1- Dec. 1923-
Brief articles on glass manufacturing.

Glass coatings.
Cormano, Italy : Artech, 2004-
Quarterly. Glass COATINGS is the first international magazine concerning products, technology and applications on large area glass & plastics coatings…., properly developed in response to the rapidly increasing potential and demand for coatings in building and architectural, automotive, television, computers screens, photovoltaics and many other sectors, and is the latest addition to the vast range of Artech's world leading technical publications on glass.”

Glass industry.
New York, Ashlee Pub. Co., etc.] . 1-v. 82 Nov. 1920-Apr./May 2001.
The first trade journal devoted primarily to glass technology, engineering, raw materials, glass factory equipment and operation". Ceased publication.

Glass International
Red Hill, Surrey : Fuel and Metallurgical Journals, 1978-
Primarily manufacturing.

Glass machinery plants & accessories.
Cormano, Italy : Artech Pub., [1989-
Bimonthly. Business news, technology.

Glass science and technology : international journal of the German Society of Glass Technology (DGG) = Glastechnische Berichte.
Frankfurt/M. : Verlag der Deutschen Glastechnichen Gesellschaft, [1994]-

Glass technology **
Sheffield, Eng. :Society of Glass Technology., 1960-
Previous title: Society of Glass Technology. Journal
Articles primarily on glass technology, and abstracts of the periodical literature

International glass journal. Faenza, Italy : ‚Faenza Editrice, ‚1994-2004.

Kañch : the quarterly of the All India Glass Manufacturers' Federation.
New Delhi : The Federation, [1992- ]
Primarily a lay person’s guide to information on glass. In English.

Physics and chemistry of glasses.
Sheffield, England, Society of Glass Technology.

Verre: science, technologie, industrie, produits, art, histoire.
Versailles : Institut du verre-prover, 1995-