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I asked the Education Programs Manager for The Corning Museum of Glass, for her suggestions. She also teaches history of glass classes at Bard and other programs so she is especially qualified to answer your query. Her replies are in quotes: 

"This is a tough question because there are mistakes and out of date material in just about everything." 

She mentioned the following books in her reply: 

Zerwick, Chloe. A Short History of Glass. 2nd ed. New York: Harry N. Abrams, 1990. 
This is a good general resource; however, the book is out of print and is no longer available from CMoG. 

"Jutta's The Art of Glass might work for her" 

Page, Jutta-Annette. The art of glass : Toledo Museum of Art. Foreword by Don Bacigalupi ; essays by Stefano Carboni ... [et al.], and contributions by Ellenor Alcorn. 1st ed. Toledo, Ohio : Toledo Museum of Art in association with D. Giles, 2006. 248 p. 
Includes bibliographical references (p. 230-245) and index. 

"Here are some basic texts that I usually suggest" 

Battie, David and Cottle, Simon, ed. Sotheby's Concise Encyclopedia of Glass. London: Conran Octopus, 1991. 

Klein, Dan and Lloyd, Ward, ed. The History of Glass. London: Orbis, 1984. 

Tait, Hugh, ed. 5000 Years of Glass. New York: Harry N. Abrams, 1991. [Includes "Techniques of Glassmaking and Decoration," showing photographs of Bill Gudenrath demonstrating techniques which are now thought to have been used by glassmakers in the past] 

"Glass Throughout Time might suit her approach to the course, but it's not an "easy" chronological study": 

Glass throughout time : history and technique of glassmaking from the ancient world to the present. Edited by Rosa Barovier Mentasti ... [et al.] ; project and coordination, Giuliana Cuneaz. Glassway. 1st ed. Milan : Skira ; New York, NY : Distributed in North America and Latin America by Rizzoli International Publications, Inc. through St. Martin's Press, c2003. 285 p. 
Published to accompany the exhibition "Glassway, le stanze del vetro" held at Museo Archeologico Regionale, June 15-Oct. 27, 2002. Originally published as: Glassway. Milan : Skira, 2002. Translated from Italian. Includes bibliographical references (p. 279-285). Biographies of artists, designers and masters: p. 267-277. 

"For American Glass, there is nothing better than Ken Wilson's American Glass 1760-1930 based on the Toledo Collection. Charles Hajdamach's book on British Glass of the 19th century is one of my favorites. For science, she would benefit from our book on the Innovation Center." 

Wilson, Kenneth M. American Glass 1760-1930. 2 vols. New York: Hudson Hills Press; Toledo: The Toledo Museum of Art, 1994. 

Hajdamach, Charles R. British glass, 1800-1914. Woodbridge, Suffolk : Antique Collectors' Club, 1991. 466 p. 

Corning Museum of Glass. Innovations in glass. Corning, N.Y. : The Corning Museum of Glass, 1999. 64 p. 
Includes: Windows (crown & cylinder, sheet & plate, float, tempered, laminated safety, shaped, fusion draw, coated); optics (lenses, telescopes, optical, fused silica, Fresnel lens, optical fibers); vessels (Owens bottle machine), bulbs, TV tubes, borosilicate, glass ceramics, fiber glass). 

"I would strongly recommend that she use our Glass Properties and Processes video clips, as well as the others that are on our website in connection with exhibitions." Select: Glass Resources. 

"I'm sorry that I can't give you a concise answer. I think I'm saying that the world needs a good text book on glass." Mary Mills. 

From the library - 
Another interesting popular book about glass is: 

Macfarlane, Alan. Glass : a world history. By Alan Macfarlane and Gerry Martin. Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 2002. xi, 255 p. 
Published in 2002 by Profile Books in London as: The glass bathyscaphe : how glass changed the world. 

These may be useful: 

Melchior-Bonnet, Sabine. The mirror : a history. Sabine Melchior-Bonnet ; translated by Katharine H. Jewett ; with a preface by Jean Delumeau. New York : Routledge, 2001. xi, 308 p. 
Includes chapters on glass and mirror making. 

Pendergrast, Mark. Mirror mirror : a history of the human love affair with reflection. New York : Basic Books, 2003. xii, 404 p., [32] p. of plates. 

Gottlieb, Carla. The window in art : from the window of God to the vanity of man : a survey of window symbolism in western painting. New York : Abaris Books, 1981. i, 496 p. 

Cowen, Painton. Rose windows. New York : Thames and Hudson, 1992, c1979. 144 p. 
Includes bibliographical references (p. 141-142) and index. Rose windows in Gothic cathedrals are seen as serving as mandalas, healing images of order in a changing world. The making and meaning of medieval rose windows. (Art and imagination)