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I have attached a bibliography of some basic books that cover coloring glass. The classic resource for coloring glass is: 

Weyl, W. A. Coloured glasses. Sheffield, England: The Society for Glass Technology, 1999. 541 pp. (publisher's address below) 

1999 is the most recent printing; it is virtually unchanged from earlier editions. I will send Chapter XVI "The Colours Produced by the Oxides of the Rare-earths Elements" pp. 218-234 to you - it covers Cerium and Erbium (there is more information about Cerium in other chapters; I did not find Niodium in the index. 

Another useful source is: 

Bamford, C. Ray. Colour generation and control in glass. Marietta, OH : CBLS, 2002. xi, 224 p. 
Reprint of 1977 Elsevier ed. (CMGL owns). Includes bibliographical references and indexes. 

I have attached a selected list of other materials dealing with the subject. If you would like more information about the chemistry of glass, I would be happy to forward an additional bibliography to you. 

You may wish to contact The Scholes Library at Alfred University, New York State College of Ceramics. They have a substantial collection of technical information about glass. Pat Lacourse answers technical reference questions ( Their reference desk number is: 607-871-2951. Their library catalog is available for searching on the web:


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