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The answer to your question depends on how you define a goblet. I spoke with two experts who refer to a goblet of Tuthmosis II, an Egyptian Pharaoh around 1500 BCE. It can also be hard to give a date for something so far back since we do not have definitive written evidence that something didn't exist prior to that item. Many of the glass relics from times earlier have since been lost or destroyed. 

I am attaching a couple bibliographies to address the second part of your question. These books and articles will be good starting places for you to do research on goblets. We also have other goblet bibliographies if there is a specific style or region you would like to focus on. Additionally, we have a guide on Drinking Vessels Through History, which includes a section on Goblets, and an article on Historical Glassmaking Techniques which features videos of various types of goblets being made. Embedded below is a video of Medieval Glass: Making a Medieval Goblet, which shows medieval goblet-making techniques. 

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