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I am sorry, our museum does not have information about the Corning family. The company (Corning Glass Works / Corning Inc.) and our museum took their name from our city's name. You are correct in assuming the city was named for Erastus Corning of Albany. You may find more information about Celinda Corning in Albany: 

The New York Genealogical and Biographical Society has a library. You might consider their search service (I believe the first question is free):

Also try contacting historical societies in Albany 

Historic Albany Foundation 
472 Madison Avenue Albany, NY 12208 
Phone: 518/465-0876 Fax: 518/463-2704 

Institute for New York State Studies 
Empire State Plaza 
PO Box 2432 
Albany, New York 12220-0432 

The New York State Library has an "Ask the Librarian" page on their website: They may have additional ideas for pursuing your question about Celinda Corning.


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