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Bond is an alternate term for "adhesive" (or glue). For laminate I think of layers. As you know, most artists avoid the words "adhesive" or "glue" so there are a variety of alternate terms in use. 

Wikipedia's popular definition is: "A laminate is a material constructed by uniting two or more layers of material together. The process of creating a laminate is lamination, which usually refers to sandwiching something between layers of plastic and sealing them with heat and/or pressure." 

Jon Kuhn and William Carlson use adhesives to "bond" their glass. But I also found references to "lamination" for both of them. 

Marx Saunders Gallery quotes an article by James Yood about Carlson:

I wrote to Tina Oldknow, who replied: 

"I agree with you Beth. For a while people were using the term laminated (and still do) because layers of glass are bonded together. But, technically, laminate is a specific type of multi-layered glass. I pretty much use bonded and laminated interchangeably, but I think I am going to make distinction in the Heineman book. In her case, she should just use the term bonded, esp. if that is what the artists use."