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I am sending a bibliography for Eric Hilton. Our intern, Kimberly S. Fenton [] searched for sources that would answer your question about Hilton's inspiration. She found the following: 

The book, Innerland, by Steuben Glass would be helpful. It has photographs, poetry, and quotes from Hilton, "Because of its inherent nature, glass allows the viewer to enter into a mysterious world beyond human reach." 

An article in the magazine Leonardo, entitled "Glass sculptures with and without special light illuminations and with op art effects," by Hilton . It delves into the aesthetical use of glass and the view of the artist. It explores the ideas behind his work and where they derived. Innerland is not specifically mentioned but it may be helpful to know some of Hilton's ideas about his work. 

The Rakow Library owns one video that could be helpful, "International Conference on Environmental Glass 1989, No. 5: Eric Hilton" He mentions Innerland and his inspiration for it in the lecture. 

A sound recording, "Innerland interview with Eric Hilton by Susanne K. Frantz," is devoted to Hilton and the sculpture. 

There may be other materials in our larger bibliography that will be useful to you.



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