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I checked with one of our Steuben designers who was not familiar with "engine-turning" in reference to Steuben. It is not a term that is generally used in glass blowing. 

He told me the Meuling bamboo vase by Steuben is turned on a lathe which is an unusual way to finish (cut) a piece. He offered to explain the process if that is of interest to you. 

It may be possible the author was referring to copper wheel engraving the glass. 

As an aside, rotating glass on a lathe is a common technique in scientific glassblowing. This page on the American Scientific Glassblowers Society (ASGS) shows a glass lathe in use: Some contemporary artists have adopted the technique, for example, Sally Prasch: (see photos of Sally working at the Lathe in "Photos/Penland") 

I have attached a list of books about scientific glassblowing if you would like to learn more about the lathe process in glass.


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