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It is beyond the scope of our museum library to answer technical questions in detail (our library focuses more on the art and history of glass, with some technical information). 

I suggest you contact some of the associations that deal with flat glass to see if they can suggest a source to help you judge passive solar heating: 

Glass Association of North America (GANA), 2945 SW. Wanamaker Drive, Suite A, Topeka Kansas, USA 66614-5321; Tel: (785) 271-0208; Fax: (785) 271-0166; Contact: William Birch. Office e-mail 
The Flat Glass Marketing Association, Glass Tempering Association, and members of the Laminators Safety Glass Association consolidated to form the Glass Association of North America. 
The Glass Association of North America (GANA) serves as a unified voice in responding to challenges from competing building materials and agencies that attempt to regulate or restrict glass usage. Its four divisions consist of the Building Envelope Contractors Division, Distribution Division, Tempering Division and Laminating Division. GANA publishes a number of technical manuals, but the Glazing Manual, Sealant Manual, Engineering Standards Manual and the Laminating Glass Design Guide re the most referenced and extensively used by industry, government, architects and specification writers. GANA publishes Glass Reflections, a quarterly newsletter. 
Publications include: 
• USGlass Magazine (Metal & Glazing) (GANA) 
Suppliers list: 
- Architects’ Guide to Glass & Metal 
• Door & Window Manufacturer 
• Mold & Moisture Management 
• Window Film 
• Only on 

National Glass Association, 8200 Greensboro Drive, McLean, VA 22102 
Phone: 703/442-4890 Fax: 703/442-0630 website: 
"The National Glass Association is the largest trade association representing the flat (architectural and automotive) glass industry. We represent nearly 5,000 member companies and locations, and produce the industry's leading events and publications." They publish Glass Magazine (published monthly. "Serving the architectural glass industry, architectural metal, building, remodeling and related architectural industries.") and offer an online Suppliers Guide (as well as a published one). Their website includes a "technical information" section that is very useful. 
Clearinghouse for information: 

Protective Glazing Association 
PGA will develop a comprehensive Product Guide to help architects, government and private sector specifiers, and building owners to better understand protective glazing options. The first meeting of this Committee is scheduled for October 6 in Richmond, VA. If you are interested in participating on the Product Guide Committee or would like to review specific topics, please contact Valerie Block, 610-664-7045, or e-mail her at

Flat Glass Marketing Association, 3310 SW. Harrison St., Topeka Kansas USA 66611-2279 






I found the Sustainable Building Industry Council website: They offer resources and publications for "green" buildings. Perhaps they can point you to information about glass panes as well. 

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