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I will attach a bibliography on early Pittsburgh glass history. There are two excellent books - the one by Innes, and the one by Madarasz. However, if what you are looking for are what we call trade catalogs of glass companies, to see what was specifically being offered, if you could give me a decade or two that you are interested in, I could provide more assistance, and give you a list of what you can borrow from us (through interlibrary loan) on microfiche.

The Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania has a library, which you also might wish to use, and the main public library in Pittsburgh has a fantastic collection of old trade catalogs; they are not listed in their OPAC, and are housed in their basement. I hope that this will be a starting point, and that you will let me know how I can help you further. Also, do let me know if you cannot open the attachment.


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