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I am going to mail some materials explaining cameo glass, including (1) definitions, (2) examples of different types of cameo glass in our collection (ancient, Islamic, Chinese, 19th century English are the ones I immediately found color illustrations of), (3) a bit of information on how cameo glass is made, (4) information from the Internet, and (5) bibliographies, should he wish to pursue more information. Our library participates in interlibrary loan, by providing photocopies of articles and loaning microfiche copies of books.

Cameo glass has been made in made different areas of the world, from Roman times to contemporary. The use of the word "fused" is not correct; there is no fusing, but one or more overlays of different colors on top of the original color; the overlays are basically gathers of molten/liquid glass on top of a solid piece of glass; that is cooled, and then more layers can be added.


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