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I talked to one of the teachers at the CMoG Studio. 

He says you can use an acetylene and oxygen torch for melting glass. It tends to be much dirtier than using propane and oxygen. It believe it also runs hotter than propane does. 

Beware, depending on the type of glass you are joining, the hot flame may shatter your glass due to stress. Any lampworked (torchworked) glass should be annealed. If you are repairing antique glass, lampworking is not recommended. 

The following book gives an overview of flameworking techniques: 

Dunham, Bandhu Scott. Contemporary Lampworking: A Practical Guide to Shaping Glass in the Flame. 3nd ed. Prescott, AZ: Salusa Glassworks, 2002. 2 vols. 

I added a brief list of other lampworking instructional materials as well as a bibliography for adhesives for glass. 

If you are interested in information about repairing glass, please let me know and I will forward another bibliography to you. 

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